Anybody in the food-services industry who does this to their customers is a cunt who deserves to lose their jobs. Not only is it just down right wrong, but it could be dangerous to somebody who has particular dietary requirements.
Having had the unfortunate experience of living with somebody who works at Starbucks, I have no doubt that this shit happens.

i’m lucky enough to have encountered a barista malicious enough to do this to me - i ordered a decaf latte with soy milk and they gave me fully caffeinated with cow’s milk. cue hours of panic attacks and feeling sick. ugh

Why do some baristas think its adorable and clever to dick around with people’s specifications?  They can kill someone with allergies with this shit. 

I get the dirtiest looks when I order anything with soy there. I’m Lactose Intolerant, and this bitch decided to give me whole milk in my macchiato. I took one taste and handed it back to her. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “What? Something wrong?” I looked her dead in the eye and said “Well yes actually, I ordered and was charged for soy milk. This has whole milk, I want you to re make it and get me a manager so I can discuss how your company thinks it’s funny to hand out purposefully wrong drinks when the person they’re handing them to gets sick when those requirements aren’t met.” She stood there for a second looking at me confused and I sighed and said “I’m lactose intolerant bitch, fix my fucking drink before I get you fired on health code violation.”

Do people not realize that most of the world’s population has some sort of lactose intolerance?

As someone struggling to find a job, it annoys me when people refuse to do theirs properly for no good reason. I hope they get fired and someone more deserving replaces them.
~ Mulan

As a barista, I do not understand how someone else could possibly choose  to not give someone soy milk. 1) They fucking paid for that and 2) they could actually be allergic and what kind of asshole would actually be okay with giving someone something that they’re allergic to or that would make them vomit? Like seriously… some people. I’m so sorry that any of you have faced people like that. 

Everyone here is only commenting on “they could be lactose intolerant!” Or “they could need specific diets that could make them sick otherwise!” But JFC idc why they ordered it I don’t care if they’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or just like the way it tastes you don’t fuck around with their order because it’s WRONG not just because there’s a chance it could make them sick. Idc if someone comes in with some attitude acting better than you and makes a whole speech about how they became vegan, you don’t purposefully fuck up their order. You don’t need to make up “what if they NEED IT” scenarios to show how messed up this all is.

It’s called food terrorism and yes, it’s against federal law to purposely tamper with anyone’s food. This person could face jail time, if they haven’t been fired already. It all depends on the company and customer reactions/actions.

How the fuck did this become about soy milk? The picture mentions skim and whole, nothing about soy. If you order skim, like the picture says, you’re sure as fuck not lactose intolerant. I work as a barista and take absolute care to make every coffee exactly as the customer requests.. The industry may be full of careless idiots but believe me, there’s still some respectful baristas left.

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Lightning slowed down at 10,000 frames per second.

That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen

everyone deserves to see this

Perun :P 

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How to pick yourself up out of a bad mood
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chakras - this is beautiful.


Wow ❤️❤️


Echeveria subalpina

these colors are so perfect 

spring 2010
I took both of these photos today within a few hours of each other. From the snow to a beautiful sunset over the beach in one day. I’m feeling so blessed ☺️

the waitomo caves of new zealand’s northern island, formed two million years ago from the surrounding limestone bedrock, are home to an endemic species of bioluminescent fungus gnat (arachnocampa luminosa, or glow worm fly) who in their larval stage produce silk threads from which to hang and, using a blue light emitted from a modified excretory organ in their tails, lure in prey who then become ensnared in sticky droplets of mucus.

photos from spellbound waitomo tours, forevergone, blue polaris, and martin rietze. (more cave photos) (more bioluminescence photos)

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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Spent yesterday in an abandoned insane asylum.